A list of useful links to informative sites for more information on World War II subject matters.

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American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC)

This Federal public body was created in 1923 by the American Congress. The ABMC is -amongst other things- responsible for commemorating the effort and sacrifices of the American troops as of April 6th, 1917 and for developing, building, managing and maintaining the 24 permanent American cemeteries outside the USA, including Margraten.

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American WWII Orphans Network (AWON)

Founded in 1991 with the objective of creating a platform for sons and daughters (and other next of kin) of Americans killed in action during World War 2. Our Adoption Foundation has close ties to the AWON-Organization.

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Fallen but not forgotten

Main objective of this website is to pay homage to the many young American soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom and to assure that their stories are not forgotten. The website contains life stories of fallen Americans who are buried in Margraten.

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Akkers van Margraten

Here you can find eyewitness stories and information about the construction of the American Cemetery in Margraten as of November 1944. The site has been specifically developed for educational purposes.

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Foundation United Caretakers American War Graves

The Fields of Honor database (formerly the Adoption-graves database) is a project of Foundation United Caretakers American War Graves and contains information about soldiers who lie buried or are commemorated at the American Cemeteries at the Ardennes, at Henri-Chapelle and at Margraten. The Fields of Honor database is a project that was started several years ago and will take several more years to be completed. So far the database already contains information about several thousands of soldiers.

For the sake of completeness: this foundation is not connected with our own foundation that has the exclusive rights to allot graves or names on The Walls of the Missing for adoption (e-mail:

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Margraten Memorial Concert

In and around Margraten the memory of the sacrifice and endeavor of the soldiers buried there is very much kept alive. Among other things by organizing a top-level open-air concert on the American Cemetery. A classical concert that suits the unique location and is a worthy tribute to the servicemen whose last resting-place this is.   

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