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Why an educational program?

For many years our Foundation has maintained a close connection with both the primary and secondary schools of the region. There are over 30 schools in the region that have adopted a grave of an American soldier, and the students have visited the American Cemetery at Margraten every year. When these students, ages 10 – 15, walk around between the thousands of white crosses and Stars of David, they are all deeply impressed. Many students from the US, Germany and Belgium are also deeply impressed and interested in the stories. For some students, it becomes more personal when they realize that their own family members have fought in this war. They become more aware of the fact that we now live in freedom without suppression and in a democratic society. They also realize that many of the soldiers buried in Margraten were still in school when they joined the army. We hope that these children and students will return to Margraten with their parents, and in the future with their own children to keep the stories of our soldiers alive. It is necessary and important to tell the story about WWII and the American Cemetery at Margraten in order to keep this history alive. This is the main reason why our Foundation, in close cooperation with teachers, parents, historians and adopters, have asked Rob Essers (www.evisual.nl) to produce an educational video and an interactive website to reach this goal.

You can read more about this educational project here (PDF) or visit the website “Beleef de Vrijheid” (in Dutch).

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