Grave adoption now listed in inventory of Immaterial Cultural Inheritance

23 juli 2017

The adoption of American war graves in Margraten has been included in the Dutch national inventory of Immaterial Cultural Inheritance. The Dutch national inventory is a result of the UNESCO Treaty to protect Immaterial Cultural Inheritance signed by the Dutch government in 2012. “For all the 9000 adopters, tending a grave at the American cemetery in Margraten since 1945, often for three generations, this is an important recognition and tribute”, chairman Ton Hermes of the Foundation for Adopting Graves says. “And for all the volunteers that make the adoption program a success.”

The Dutch national Centre for Immaterial Inheritance states: “The adoption of American war graves in Margraten is a cultural inheritance raised from the awareness of respect and gratitude for the American liberators during WWII. It also achieves awareness of the vulnerability of our society.” Ton Hermes: “The adoption of US war graves and the US cemetery itself makes people think of the enormous sacrifice that has been made for our freedom: the lives of ten thousands of young Americans. Adoption also connects with American next of kin and families and often leads to long standing ties of friendship.”

A news article from Fox News about the cemetery can be found here.