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    American Cemetery Margraten

“The American Cemetery is situated along the State Highway Maastricht-Vaals in the Eijsden-Margraten Municipality in the Netherlands. It is one of the biggest cemeteries in the world the only one in The Netherlands. No less than 8,301 American liberators have been buried here. The white marble crosses and David’s stars remind us of the solders -often young- who gave their lives for our freedom during World War ll.”

Main purpose


The Foundation for Adopting Graves at the American Cemetery in Margraten offers the opportunity of adopting a grave of a fallen liberator or a name on the Walls of the Missing. The foundation also maintains the so-called Adoption Register, an extensive database with information about adopters and the graves they’ve adopted.

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Do you want to adopt a grave or a name on the Walls of the Missing?Currently all the graves and names on the Walls of the Missing are adopted. more information
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5 april 2022
2022 newsletter online

The 2022 newsletter is available. All the newsletters can be found here.

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21 oktober 2021
Sandra Coldicott visits her fathers grave in Margraten

Sandra Coldicott visits her fathers grave in Margraten. Read the article here (PDF).

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12 augustus 2021
New documentary about the adoption program

Dutch filmmaker Paul Ruth has made a new documentary about our adoption program. In this short video you will get an…

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