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12 april 2017 by

Family visits SSgt Francis J. Hanner in Margraten, Netherlands

On Tuesday April 11 2017 the bus driver forgets to stop at the American Cemetery in Margraten. His American passengers…

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11 april 2017 by

Newsletter april 2017

The newsletter for april 2017 is now available. Click here to read this newsletter and earlier editions.

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8 december 2016 by

The Last Flight of John Hascall

On the website of the Michigan Tech University an article appeared about John Hascall written by Scott Balyo. On the 29th…

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14 oktober 2016 by

Joan Coleman’s first visit to her brother “Eddie” in Margraten

On December 22 1943 the B-24 of bombardier 2 Lt Edwin Jacobsen exploded mid-air above the Northsea between the Netherlands and England….

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25 augustus 2016 by

Dutch family adopted grave of Pfc Charles A. Rocchio since 1946

Elena M. Rocchio was 14 years old when her eldest brother Charles was killed on the 24th of November 1944 near…

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7 juli 2016 by

A thousand letters home

When Aarol W. Bud “Irish” passed away in Michigan in 2006 his daughter Teresa found a green army box filled with…

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21 juni 2016 by

Special tribute to S Sgt Millis Basham

Click below for viewing this special video

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30 mei 2016 by

Artikel adoptie in the Oregonian newspaper

Article Oregonian Newspaper Memorial Day 2016: Dutch never forget Oregon soldiers’ sacrifice Click here for article : Artikel adoptie

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26 mei 2016 by

News letter 2016

Click here for Newsletter 2016

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13 september 2015 by

Tiende Liberation Concert Margraten

Met eerbetoon aan Charles S. von Stade Voor de tiende keer vond zondagmiddag een herdenkingsconcert door philharmonie zuidnederland op de Amerikaanse…

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